• Is this item handmade?
    Yes! All our jewelry is artisan handmade in Pittsburgh, PA. Because everything is made by hand, there are small natural variations between the pieces. That's what makes every piece one of a kind. We make every effort to match pennies in our earrings as closely as possible, but the fabrication process means that no two coins are exactly alike. Pennies may not always be heads-up.
  • When will my jewelry get here?
    Every item in our shop is made-to-order, so please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery. For something unique that was made just for you, we think that's worth the wait.
  • Can you ship overseas?
    Yes! Contact our shop via email and we will be happy to ship worldwide (different shipping/handling costs apply).
  • Can I add another penny to my bangle bracelet?
    You sure can! When you make your bangle order, simply add another loose penny to your bangle & we will add it for you. (Not sold separately.)
  • Can I order something completely custom?
    Absolutely! Just send us an email and we'd love to design something just for you?